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I'm just a 20-something year old guy that's playing the balancing act between being geeky and being an athletic type. Love: video games, tv shows, and gym. Like: comic books, dancing in the club, and shopping. Enjoy: writing, being creative, unintentionally being funny.
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Sailor Moon x Avengers. Pretty awesome!
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Hey you. [x]


Hey you. [x]

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biggest plot twist in cinematic history

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Photographic evidence that cats are liquid

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Feeling stressed? Here’s Calming Cat :3

Feeling stressed? Here’s Calming Cat :3

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Throwback to when I was a naked male sim at PAX Prime 2013!




Epic Wars 2013

My on going homage to all my favorite characters, old & new, in one giant battle scene. A personal project I created to challenge myself to draw more in between freelance projects.

~ follow the past progress from 2013 by clicking the hash tags.

This year I plan to continue to add more of my favorites and keep the challenge going, so stay tuned as the war wages on.

Thanks to all for the support and tiny hearts.

So fucking insane!


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Hunger Games Directors Cut